…from a few of our amazing clients.





My name is Raffaela Mills. I’m from Brooklyn, NY

Before joining RPT I still went to the gym 3 days a week. I would do 20 mins of cardio and weights. I never looked at or talked to anyone. Just had my headphones on.

I had no huge expectations or concerns when joining RPT. I just took a leap without looking. Being who I am I doubt anything.

I remember thinking after the first class how I’m I not going feel anything; we only worked out for 25 mins. Well, the whole week I felt it. I was in shock that here I was at a gym lifting weights and not feeling the burn and know I’m using regular equipment that I can have in my house and body is alive.

I love Danielle she’s not just there to do a job and leave. She cares about us and we care about her. We also care about each other. I’ve made so many friends at RPT. We talk about everything and like each other.

I would tell people on the fence about joining RPT to just do it.

Stop making excuses.

Stop thinking about not being able to do it and just join and jump in.